Corporate Wellness

With wellness as the new frontier, bringing evidence-based nutritional guidelines through a Registered Dietitian sets the business apart. After all, employees who feel healthy and motivated can be more productive and have fewer absences.

Wellness does not come without the challenge of motivating long-term behavior changes in employees. Over the few years, companies that have incorporated wellness have been ranked among the top places to work and also help to retain the best employees.

The question remains why a Registered Dietitian? The truth is for much of the general public there is a lot of noise and cognitive disconnect on who should be providing counseling on diet, food, and nutrition. Since the industry is growing rapidly there is overwhelming participation and recommendations by new participants with their limited knowledge while having no expertise.

I feel strongly, that it is important that we as educated individuals should know the difference between RDN and other self-proclaimed nutrition experts and dispel some of the myths and disconnects that are out there in the public.

Young adults in the workforce have unique needs and interests but the common struggle is their desire to achieve a work-life balance that doesn’t add more stress to their lives. They have a right to a leader that can establish the tone and show them how that balance looks.

Whether it’s a customized employee mentoring, a small group program, or just a small seasonal health camp, there are endless possibilities to cultivate an environment that supports wellness. Let me help you design a program that fits your vision of employee health by providing consulting services on your current existing program.

Here are just a few examples of how I can partner with your business and your organization:

  • Lunch & Learns or Learning Workshops (topics vary)
  • Small-Group Programs
  • Speaking Events

Contact me to discuss your vision for wellness and start creating a culture of health today!

Services Available:

  • Spokesperson work and brand representation
  • Media Appearances and Community Events
  • Speaking Engagements and Webinars
  • Social Media Campaigns (Facebook life)

Current & Past Partners Include

  • Nestle Health Sciences
  • Upfield Pakistan
  • Abbot Nutrition