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Our in-house nutritionist is here to help. Book your one-to-one video consultation for nutrition advice anywhere from gut health and weight management to deep-diving into our products and tailoring the right products for you. Ms. Sarah is here to help.


Personalized Nutrition

Our 45-minute video consultation is perfect for anyone looking for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice. Our in-house nutritionists will complete a nutritional assessment during the initial consultation to allow them to gain a better understanding of your current nutritional needs to enable them to provide personalized nutritional advice according to your specific needs.

The nutritional advice combined with a personalized meal plan can be tailored to your individual needs, cooking skills, food likes and dislikes etc. ensuring the diet is well balanced and provides your body with all of the nutrients it requires to be healthy.

All consultations are held in private and all matters discussed with the Dietitian are strictly confidential.

Sarah ikram
Dr sarah ikram

We’ll share diet plans after your assessment on your 2nd visit to clinic.

These sessions are perfect if you would like:

  1. Personalized dietary, lifestyle, supplement and/or testing recommendations, targeted to your health issues, symptoms and goals
  2. Discuss your health goal(s) or short-term health issue(s) that a nutritionist could help with
  3. Healthy recipes and meal ideas to address your personal needs.